The LogisticsFramework® (TLF) D.O.T. Compliance Module


Remaining compliant with D.O.T. regulations has always consumed time, effort and expense while in the worthwhile pursuit of safety. Adding efficiency and cost-effectiveness, the TLF D.O.T. Compliance module includes options for Electronic On Board Recording (EOBR) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Records (DVIR) functionality. Using a single low-cost, multi-functional smartphone or tablet, the Compliance Module offers a compelling list of benefits.

Leveraging the synergies between drivers, dispatchers and fleet managers, the Compliance module reduces driver workloads in multiple ways while adding safety, situational awareness and compliance to trucking operations.

Qv21's D.O.T. Compliance module used in conjunction with the TLF suite of modules ensures drivers easily fill out all relevant hours of service and vehicle inspection data. That information is safely stored throughout its retention period and easily retrieved for reporting, corrective or other action.

Dispatchers, fleet managers and maintenance personnel are also enabled to remain aware of the driver duty status and inspection reports, streamlining the flow of information, avoiding scheduling problems, accelerating the repair cycle and adding to safety, efficiency and compliance simultaneously.


  • DVIR and EOBR are available as standalone products or as part of the more comprehensive Compliance Module–all using the same low-cost handheld device.
  • Quick and easy entering or checking a vehicle’s mechanical status
  • DVIR records and driver duty status stored and retrievable as required by the D.O.T.
  • Mechanical situations and issues are quickly noted, recorded, archived and retrievable
  • Data automatically populates whenever possible


  • Driver duty status and vehicle criteria are electronically recorded and stored according to D.O.T. regulations
  • Driver record keeping time is reduced by the use of digital input and less duplication of effort
  • Digital layout is clean, orderly and easy for drivers to use
  • Checklists enable quick review of brakes, steering mechanism, lighting, wipers, coupling devices
  • Drivers' duty status and hours of service as required by FMCSA are visually presented
  • Reports can be displayed or printed and signed
  • DVIR and EOBR are immediately available to office or maintenance staff as well as to drivers increasing operational visibility