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Join Us at the Waste Expo 2021 This Summer

For over 50 years, the WasteExpo has provided companies within the solid waste management industry with camradery, an abundance of great networking opportunities, and the chance to engage with many of the new and upcoming solid waste transportation methods and technologies. This is one of the largest solid waste and recycling industry events in North America, attended by waste service companies, engineering firms, food waste recovery experts, transportation companies, government officials and more. At this year’s WasteExpo, hosted in Las Vegas from June 28-30, 2021, Qv21 is proud to be among the industry leaders participating in the event.

What We’ll Be Doing at WasteExpo 2021

We’ll have our own booth where we’ll be chatting with prospects and demoing our fleet management solution, The LogisticsFramework™. We hope to show off the software modules that are helping many of the nation’s largest waste haulers navigate to better insights, greater efficiency and, ultimately, Logistics Without Barriers. Some of these modules include:

  • Ticketing: Fully-automated ticketing with accurate real-time ticket data -- without all the paper. Compared to traditional ticketing/reporting systems...well, there is no comparison.
  • Dispatch: Help your dispatchers help your drivers with quick updates on your fleet’s progress for more informed routing decisions.
  • GeoTrack: Take the necessary steps to ensure that your equipment and your drivers are employed as effectively as possible with real-time GPS load tracking throughout your waste collection and transfer station operations.

Why We’re Doing It

Far too many technology providers in the trucking industry don’t know the ins and outs of solid waste management, and that only serves to make your job more difficult. Our advanced transportation management system (TMS) lets the technology do the dirty work so you don’t have to. We want to make it easy for transfer waste haulers to save money, increase efficiency and remove barriers to their waste hauling operations. You can protect your company’s most valuable assets -- money, data, and time -- by streamlining everything from dispatch to field operations and your back-office teams.

This is exactly how we helped one of our clients synergize and scale their operation. We partnered with Stella Environmental Services back in 2018 as they struggled with miscommunication between dispatchers and drivers, and managing old-school paper ticketing methods. After reviewing their operations from top to bottom, we made it our mission to implement automation from order to invoice, scaling up their operation and getting more work done with the same amount of resources. The result was a fleet size increase from 100 to 530, and a daily load increase from 180 to 1200 -- all in a span of 2 years! This extraordinary growth has allowed them to remain more competitive in their market and continue growing with no issues.

We know we can deliver the same results for you!

Where to Find Us

Stop by Booth #1047 and chat with one of our experts. You’ll have the chance to meet Andrew Keim, our Director of CX and dedicated point of contact for all of our customers. Andrew’s unique role has afforded him a great perspective into industry trends and best practices and he’ll be more than happy to share those insights with you.

At the booth, you’ll also find Scott White, our Sales Engineer, and Andy Clark, our Director of Sales. All 3 gentlemen will be able to walk you through Qv21’s solution and find out what we can do to help you overcome any barriers currently hindering the growth of your waste hauling business. For those who sign up for a demo, you’ll also be invited to a special Happy Hour event. More details to be announced soon!

Check out our resources page where you can find exclusive Waste Expo content, as well as our eBooks, case studies, videos, info sheets and more! We look forward to seeing you at the WasteExpo 2021 this summer!

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