Improve Fleet Efficiency with Innovative Dispatch & E-Ticketing Tools


The dispatchers' office can be a hectic, stress-filled environment. It's also the heart of the trucking logistics supply chain. 

When communications are clear and comprehensive, stress is reduced and a higher degree of efficiency is achieved. Whether you're hauling crude, frac sand, waste or any other bulk commodity, deliveries made with fewer errors result in faster order-to-revenue receipts and AR turnaround.

Qv21 software provides complete visibility into fleet operations and enables dispatchers to send and receive information instantly to drivers.The LogisticsFramework® (TLF) gives your dispatchers and drivers tools for real-time information that leads to effective real-time decisions.

TLF customers see dramatic improvement in dispatcher efficiency, from 3 to 6 times as many drivers can be managed by a single dispatcher than with other transportation management systems.

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The TLF ROI calculator provides an estimate of what you can expect as the first year return on investment with Qv21's dispatch, e-ticketing and billing software. Send us a few key facts about your operation, and we will send you a complimentary overview of savings from a typical TLF implementation.

The savings Qv21 provides means more loads per truck and less payroll per truck. Learn more about how to reduce your operations's cost-per-load as a result of benefits that include:

  • Labor savings of automating ticket processing
  • Reduced number of incorrectly billed or lost tickets
  • Lower cost of unaccounted volume or product loss due to mishandling, accounting/data errors, evaporation, theft, etc.
  • Minimize the cost of delayed AR due to volume disputes, volume corrections, AR errors, product reroutes or product rejections that are not resolved promptly
  • Penalties for non-fulfillment of contract and supply disruption, due to wrong inventory forecast
  • Demurrage costs incurred at origin or destination facilities, waiting in traffic for paper BOL processing

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