Mr. Bults, Inc. Case Study


"In regards to dispatch solutions, Qv21 is the industry best for Waste Haulers."

David Rock, CIO at Mr. Bults, Inc.

4 Million Loads Dispatched trough TLF (1)


The Background

Innovation is no stranger to MBI, Mr.Bult’s Inc., the country’s largest transfer waste transporter. The MBI journey began in the 80s with one truck and a dream to engineer excellence.

Now operating out of 240 locations and 49 terminals across the nation, MBI hauls more than 80,000 tons of trash daily. But, like every success story, our client was no exception to facing industry challenges:

The Challenge

In order to overcome their hurdles, the MBI team had to find a logistics technology solution that allowed for efficient growth and continuously guided them toward a transformative future.

The key thing holding them back: a legacy logistics system with limited interface capabilities between dispatcher and driver, thus creating inevitable miscommunication and setbacks that bruises overall efficiency.

MBI needed a system that was Dispatch-driven but Driver-centric, and able to capture data on all fronts in order to fuel their success head-on. Their provider at the time simply couldn't handle everything MBI had set out to accomplish.

That’s when Qv21 Technologies was welcomed in.

Our Solution

Our Customer Experience team stepped in to develop a partnership framework that not only audited MBI’s current state of business but navigated them through the technology adoption process. With an entirely configured solution that reached their objectives, MBI began to tackle those hurdles by leaps and bounds.

Some of the improvements in operations MBI has achieved with Qv21:


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Screen Shot 2020-11-03 at 12.52.13 PM




Today, MBI is recognized as one of the leading and most innovative waste management companies in the world.


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