Qv21's advanced e-ticketing, HOS ELD and logistics platform for the transportation of oil, diesel, refined fuel, water, municipal solid waste and other bulk commodities drives down costs and increases profits.


Qv21 offers FMCSA-certified hardware, an HOS ELD and GPS tracking device, that continuously records hours of service and tracks location. Data is automatically transferred to The LogisticsFramework® (TLF) platform when the driver's in-cab phone or tablet is in-network for dispatch and management to view. 

No CapEx required for complete ELD compliance--only a monthly subscription. Watch the video to learn more.

Trucking e-ticketing & management software

The Qv21 platform can help eliminate needless steps, streamline your transportation business and increase your bottom line with one platform. It's available at an affordable price that fits your budget.

  • Cloud-based data collection
  • Electronic ticketing
  • Enhanced asset utilization
  • Improved invoice accuracy
  • Improved cash flow
  • Enhanced revenue capture
  • World class data center

Efficiency through Technology and Ingenuity


Qv21 software has been used to dispatch and track more than 4 million loads with The LogisticsFramework® (TLF). Transporters use TLF to unify their business processes and schedule, track, ticket, invoice and report all their loads in one cloud-based system.


More than 480 million barrels of crude and water, plus thousands of loads of sand, waste and other commodities have been transported and accounted for with Qv21's TLF e-ticketing and logistics system. With HOS ELD and DVIR tools, field data is available instantly. Dispatch communication with drivers results in efficiencies and reduced costs.


The newest Qv21 product, The LogisticsNetwork (TLN), aggregates the bulk commodity inventory being tracked in TLF into a real-time data portal for carriers, producers and marketers to reconcile volume, resolve disputes, and analyze quality and forecasts.