“I’d like to sing my highest praises to your team. Both Andrew and Ryn (along with your team back in Austin) have been absolutely tremendous in creating a working solution for us. I have worked with hundreds of vendors over the years for many different types of solutions and I have to say that your team is THE BEST, I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. I know my sentiment rings true throughout my entire organization and I want to commend QV21 for your customer service. It is truly unparalleled. I believe this holds true throughout your organization and we sincerely appreciate the efforts and extremes that you’ve gone to in order to make this thing successful.”

-- Joshua Wyrick, Petrol Transport, General Manager

“The electronic ticketing service that Qv21 provides has been the most cost efficient system implemented to date.

When running the cost analysis on what it would take to fully integrate this e-ticketing software, it was shocking to find that such a great service could be provided at such a relatively inexpensive rate.

The biggest difference between Qv21 and other e-ticketing software companies is the customer service department. When calling in with technical issues, you actually get a live person answering the phone and don’t wait for a return phone call. James Hammonds (Qv21 Representative) has provided our company with such amazing service that we continually threaten to make him a member of our team.

Overall, great people, great cost and great service.”

-- Jessica, Indeca, CFO

“Qv21 offers a great product. They are always willing to help, and listen to the customer on how to improve the product. The e-ticketing and invoicing is a great feature to have to be able to be digital and have access to the data without delay.

In today's business environment having live real-time data is key to making good decisions, and being transparent with the customer. Qv21 allows you to do all of this with ease.”

-- Blake Boyer, Windriver, Head Dispatcher

“I have been working with a Logistics company that uses Qv21 for the past couple years and have nothing but good things to say about them. I came from other trucking companies that used different software big names also and would choose Qv21 over them any day. The level of service we get from Andrew Keim, James Hammonds and their team is always great!”

-- Jose Cadena, Power Energy Logistics, Dispatcher

“I have worked with Qv21 for about 4 year and they have been very helpful in correcting any issues I have in a timely manner.

Also they have reaching out to me to see if every thing is good even if there are no issues. I would recommend them to anyone.”

-- Roger Braun, Crestwood, Administration/Dispatch

“All of the employees, from setting up to Tech Support, have been very helpful. The system is very user friendly and if we have any problems, Qv21 is there to help 24-7 and resolves any issues within hours. The staff at Qv21 is great and they make on site visits to just go over anything that may be new or see how we are doing and if we have any concerns, They are willing to listen and take back any feedback that we give to them.”

-- Barb Watson, Skyline, Administration

"It’s amazing what great dispatching/billing software will do for a company. The money saved is outstanding. We were able to turn a seven day process into a three day process. Getting money into the drivers hands soaoner rather than later makes a world of difference. Their attitude and morale shot through the roof. Bottom line, Qv21 has put together software that is a one stop shop. From billing to dispatching, data management to invoicing, this software is top of the line."

-- Ken Cox, Windriver, Dispatcher