TLN:  Data Aggregation, Visibility & Management


The LogisticsNetwork (TLN) is a web-based interface where your supply chain partners (carriers, shippers, marketers, buyers and sellers) can view and manage their inventory movements simultaneously. TLN gives carriers and producers an aggregated view of all run tickets in real-time. This centralized data source lets you monitor supply chain partners in a holistic view to reconcile, avoid inconsistencies and bill on time.

TLN is a real-time data platform where TLF data feeds are aggregated so producers can understand commodity supply change, monitor volumes and gain visibility to where loads are currently located and where they are going. 

Validate the data according to predefined criteria (example: max/min volumes, inconsistent temperature or BS&W, shipping to wrong destinations, etc.). Volume discrepancies can be reconciled while there is time to correct them without impacting revenue, plus carrier ticket corrections can be viewed in real time.

TLN's real-time aggregation of data delivers the ability for traders to forecast nominations and ensure contract fulfillments.  Learn more >