The LogisticsFramework™ (TLF) Driver Module


The TLF Driver module contains our custom application designed specifically to harness the computing power and cost-effectiveness of the Android operating system on smartphones.

The module utilizes mobile technology to significantly reduce the manpower required to manage the dispatch and administration functions, increase driver productivity miles and improve customer communication/service levels.

By combining the TLF Driver and TLF Dispatcher modules, the TLF system is optimized for maximum savings and operational efficiency. Together the modules provide complete two-way, real-time data communication streams between the fleet and dispatch. Dispatch operations can send & receive information instantaneously to drivers. Hand-held radios, SMS texting and cell phone communications are replaced with the efficient interoperability of the modules into a single uniform communication platform. Powerful and timely data transmission and reporting are enabled.

The TLF Dispatcher module automatically displays electronic communications transmitted via the smartphone immediately back to the display board. The Dispatchers commands are delivered down to the driver smartphone and the responses are transmitted instantaneously back to the board. These activities are all seamlessly captured, posted to the board for viewing, offering opportunity for additional actions and task assignments. Most importantly, all data is captured and available for analysis, organizational awareness, performance measurement, comparison, customer service information, evaluation and billing.

The drivers use their smartphones to go about their business: login for work, accepting job assignments, completing jobs assignments, picking up delivery items and dropping off delivery items, etc., all while making a few entries on their touch screen smartphone. Data is collected and transmitted back to base for complete operational awareness of fleet status (drivers, deliveries, times, hours, locations, etc.).


  • Automated integration between applications

  • Seamless synchronization

  • Data population and reconciliation

  • Multiple connectors for accounting, finance, ERP and CRM packages


  • Organizations to view real-time data from the field eliminating costly delays

  • Reduce fees incurred as a result of data entry errors

  • Avoid lost paperwork

  • Make educated decisions based on current information