The LogisticsFramework™ (TLF) Driver Payroll Module


The Driver Payroll module allows the creation of payroll contracts, where the elements that a driver is compensated for may be defined, such as amount hauled, wait times at sites, miles traveled, etc. These elements can be applied to loads run using TLF during a specific timespan to calculate their wage or payment.

The Payroll Contract sections allows you to modify contracts once they are setup. View available contracts categorized as either transactional or hourly contracts. Edit each aspect of the driver's contract that includes defining tiered rates, per quantity and surcharge percetages.

In the Drivers and Contracts section, accessible through the TLF web portal, select which contract to apply to which drivers. A Load Contract function allows you to select which contract each driver is associated with, as well as input search criteria including name and carrier.

Define payroll periods in the Execute Payroll section of the module by selecting a date range for the new period. Once you have the period highlighted, select drivers to add to that pay period and execute payroll. Provide a Run Name to store and retrieve the payroll data for exporting to your payroll systems.


  • Customizable contract terms

  • Select which contracts to apply to which drivers

  • Establish pay periods and select which drivers should be included when payroll is run and executed


  • Easy integration into your own billing system

  • Automated input of the data into existing accounting and other systems reduces the load on office staff while improving turn-around time on billing

For technical support please call 855.853.7821 ext. 801

For technical support please call 855.853.7821 ext. 801