The LogisticsFramework™ (TLF) Gauger Module


The TLF Gauger module gives gaugers in the field an easy way to record pipeline movements out of inventory.

By outfitting gaugers with handheld connected, mobile devices, such as cellphone or tablet, gaugers easily record inventory movements while they are onsite. They can create their own jobs from the device without reliance on dispatch or back office authorization, unless required to obtain.

A pipeline transaction with one gauger can be initiated and pushed to a second gauger to finish the job at a different time. The TLF Gauger module can be configured to collect and automatically calculate more than 70 data points plus notes input by the gauger for every job. Electronic signatures are captured and stored directly on the handheld.

Volumes are automatically calculated based on gauges and meters through an API net formula.

Data is store automatically locally while in remote sites with no connectivity and then pushed when the mobile device comes back online.

Additionally, the TLF Gauger works seamlessly with Qv21's TLN Ticket Manager, so you can view, search, filter, print or export all inventory movement data in real time (both through truck and pipeline) using your TLN web-based portal.

Whether you are an E&P moving product through pipeline or a direct pipeline service provider, Qv21 now gives you access and visibility to your pipeline operation in real time. Contact us for more information about this new product.


  • Complete visibility into movements throughout pipeline operations

  • Enables gaugers to create jobs instantly and transfer to another gauger when the movement is complete

  • More than 70 data points can be collected in a configurable display for organization of pipeline operation information

  • Fully customizable

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Capture and store electronic signatures directly on device

  • Choose from multiple ticket layouts for printing onsite


  • Mobile devices convey real time records of pipeline movement.

  • Inventory is up-to-date and accounted for much faster, with more details and increased accuracy.