The LogisticsFramework™ (TLF) Rating & Invoicing Module


The newest TLF module from Qv21 provides access to all contract rules, rating, pricing and invoicing functionality through a web portal. Custom rate contracts may be defined per customer. As loads are completed, they are automatically priced and bills created using the appropriate customer contract.

Contracts are flexible and can be as simple or complex as required. For example, distance tiers may be defined, along with accesorials (such as demurrage and chain-up), fuel surcharges, taxes, rejected load, validity periods, etc.

The TLF Rating & Invoicing module presents available transactions that can be selected and bundled into a customer invoice. Invoices can be customized, comments added and any number of backup files added (PDF, JPG, XLS). Once authorized, the invoice can be printed to be mailed and/or emailed to the customer with all backup files attached.

The module tracks the status of invoices, which can be marked as paid, transmitted, etc.

TLF can be integrated into Microsoft Great Plains or other accounting/ERP systems to facilitate proper reconciliation.

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  • Web portal makes invoicing possible from anywhere.

  • Set up contract rates (even the most complex with multiple tiers) to automatically price and create bills.

  • Bundle transactions into a single invoice.

  • Adjustments can be applied before transmission to your customer.

  • Add backup files to the invoice.

  • Email invoices and backup files through the application or print to mail.


  • Custom rate contracts can be defined to any level of detail.

  • More efficient application of complex contract terms to invoicing.

  • Customize and adjust invoices, adding any number of backup files.

  • Send and track invoices from web-based module.