The LogisticsFramework™ (TLF)


Streamline the Job-to-Invoice Process & Improve Your Bottom Line

Qv21 Technologies provides a sophisticated, multi-faceted, cloud-based transportation logistics platform, The LogisticsFramework™ (TLF). The low-cost, SaaS solution is used by trucking companies as well as oil and gas E&P companies, trading companies, waste hauling and other industries.

TLF is a robust, cloud-based, end-to-end logistics system for dispatch, tracking, e-ticketing, HOS logging and reporting all in one system. The Qv21 industry-leading SaaS product suite provides dispatch tools, a customizable dashboard to schedule jobs, track orders, move jobs between drivers, even over multiple stops.

Qv21 has developed an FMCSA-certified Electronic Logging Device (ELD) that will have your drivers compliant with the D.O.T. ELD requirements for no capital expense, just a low monthly subscription. The ELD is installed in the truck to record location and HOS data, and reports through the driver's phone or tablet through the ELD Compliance module. Data reports in real time for use by dispatch and management through the TLF platform.

Companies using Qv21’s system expand their operations with cost savings from improved operating efficiencies, faster order-to-revenue receipts and AR turnaround. Our customers report that they see dramatic improvement in dispatcher efficiency, with 3 to 6 times as many drivers managed by a single dispatcher than with other transportation management systems.

TLF consists of these configurable modules designed to meet your operation's needs.

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The LogisticsNetwork (TLN)


Dispatch and e-ticket data captured from TLF is aggregated so that producers, purchasers, terminal operators, marketers, refiners, carriers and pipeline operators can view and access their shipments, deliveries, orders, inventory and contracts in real time. Automatic feeds from TLN can be configured and integrated for ERP, accounting, inventory and other internal systems. 

TLN is the result of a broader Qv21 strategic product vision  that  enables the flow  of actionable information easily and seamlessly across the supply chain functional spectrum, (i.e., from contracts to pricing to order management to shipping and delivery, to AR and AP, to inventory reconciliation). TLN also collects, connects and integrates data at every step with data from/to multiple systems, irrespective of whether these systems are Qv21-based or not. 

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