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RWS Transforms Family Business With Qv21’s TMS

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When Scott and Ryan, cousins in the Stansley family, took over RWS three years ago, growth was their number one goal. In order to satisfy customer and employee expectations along with keeping wheels on the road, efficiency was of the essence.

"Before Qv21, we operated with a system that we simply outgrew. After numerous workarounds and malfunctions, we began hunting for a better solution,” Ryan admits. “The Qv21 platform was exactly what we were looking for; it would bring us to a new era of business.” 

In May of 2022, Qv21’s CEO, Jonathan Currie, first met with the RWS team.  

“The sheer amount of growth they endured in such a short period of time without the right resources in place is shocking. What Qv21 allows them to do that they couldn’t reach before is strategic tracking of metrics like tonnage, man hours, and cycle times, which are vital for a trucking company of their caliber” JC shares. “We are thrilled to bring that new level of quality to RWS’s daily operations.” 

Since July 1st, RWS has been live with Qv21’s TMS, allowing them to get back to growing the family business and eliminating their logistics barriers for good.

“Right now, we are most focused on safety, service, and savings,” Scott shares. “Although we are in growth mode, it's different. We have a well-established team, the right people in place, and a strong TMS that dials in the key competency of running a trucking business. That means KPIs, focusing on getting back to the basics of service, and a larger RWS network of support.”  

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RWS Company Background 

RWS was founded in 2009 by family-centric entrepreneurs. Over nearly the past two decades, RWS took its simple roll-off business to new heights. Now as a multi-branch transfer/industrial waste hauler, they are delivering comprehensive waste and recycling services across North America. You can visit their website here.