Maximize Efficiency,  Minimize Hassle. 

Eliminate multiple driver applications with Qv21's single driver app.

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Short Haul Bulk Commodity truck drivers

Driver Satisfaction Has Reached New Heights. 

We've designed our technology to be user-friendly and intuitive for all.

Driver Features

Driver Handset

Driver Handset

It's like possessing a reliable navigation system, a ticket sorting tool, and a direct communication channel to dispatch, all consolidated into one device. 

inspections made easy


An electronic checklist with a perfect memory. Now, you can swiftly complete your inspections, notify maintenance and promptly return to the road. 



Digitizing the ticketing process, with options for image captures and automatic uploading readily available. Customized data collection. 

Safe Communication

Safe Communication

The app's texting and alert features facilitate secure communication between dispatchers and drivers. Making days feel like a breeze. 

Integrated ELD

Integrated ELD

No more toggling through multiple apps or worrying about compliance issues. This feature tracks HOS, automatic logging sent to DOT, EOD reporting and more. 

Future-Proof Your Fleet with

ELD-ECM Knowledge. 


🚚 ELD-ECM connectivity and its significance  

🔌 Installing/integrating ELD-ECM systems  

🛠️ New Qv21 hardware designed to support emerging OEM ports  



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