World Of Data At Your Fingertips. 

Business Intelligence dashboard that lets you visualize your business performance data and insights at all times.

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Business Intelligence for your trucking business

Do you have access to real-time business data?

Qv21 empowers all users to jump into their data using our interactive widgets including pivot tables, bar charts, and graphs, all readily accessible on-the-go for your convenience.

Leadership Features

real time visibility

Real-time Visibility

Real-time data accessible at your command, reshaping the way you conduct your trucking operations.

tracking your fleet


Establish alerts to monitor the key performance indicators crucial to your business.

data on the go

On the go

Stay productive with our business intelligence app available on google play & the App Store.

automatic reporting on your fleet



Our reporting feature facilitates automatic distribution of standard reports via email to your chosen recipients.

customizable dashboards



Dashboards are customized to specific roles or individuals to provide actionable insight into various parts of the business.

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