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What Is Qv21's Intersect All About?

What Is Qv21's Intersect All About?

Intersect 2022 is Qv21’s first-ever customer conference focused on industry experts leading groundbreaking workshops and a handful of fun experiences along the way. With unlimited networking opportunities and stimulating topics of conversation, new business ideas will be around every corner. Best of all, it's happening in the heart of Texas!  

If you are a Qv21 customer who is serious about your company's growth, you won't want to miss this event. Here is why Intersect 2022 should be on your calendar. 

Intersect Origin Story 

As every business leader knows, a company is nothing without its customers. From Qv21’s humble beginnings, through over a decade of evolving the product, and to now serving 6,000 + users nationwide, it's safe to say we were shaped by the experience. Our customer base is influential to our growth as a TMS provider, and we have a big obligation to yours as well. Call it a give and take; an intersection of different paths that lead to the same destination: healthy, happy success. 

In early 2020, the biggest shift in our world was the lack of in-person meetings. In a rough-and-tumble industry like trucking, collaboration when working with a technology provider is at the fabric of success; it was something we temporarily couldn't do. We knew then and there that we’d plan something big. Something that would not only make up for the lost time but lay a foundation for a bookmark event.

We asked ourselves “Why not bring everyone together, no matter what's being hauled, so our customers can exchange ideas and grow from one another, year after year?".

Welcome to the floor, Intersect!

What Will Happen at Intersect? 

As you learn about the largest developments in transportation management, technology, and evolving trucking business practices, you’ll also be engaging with a driven community who is showing up for every same reason you are. 

The Qv21 team will be hosting a product roadmap / Q&A session to cover innovative ways to use your Qv21 system. Keynote speakers will be sharing ways they’ve applied Qv21’s methodology to their trucking business to overcome roadblocks. 

 Here are just a few other things you can do at Intersect 2022: 

  • Adopt new skills, knowledge, and expertise 
  • Attend workshops that are built to grow your perspective 
  • Get early access to Qv21’s 2023 product roadmap 
  • Connect with future partnerships 
  • Have fun exploring Austin, Texas. 

Why You Should Attend Intersect?

Intersect was made for those who want to gain a competitive edge by understanding the latest trends in their industry and strategically applying it to their business plans/goals for the coming year. Don’t worry, not only will you be learning, growing, and connecting but you will also be having good old-fashioned fun. 

In our agenda, we’ve baked in ample time for drinks, coffee breaks, and, in our opinion, the world’s best BBQ (all on us!). If you’ve been wanting time to stretch your legs, have a refresher from your day-to-day operations, and spend quality time with those who care about your company day in and day out, then Intersect sounds like your all-in-one package!  

Have you saved your seat yet? 

Register for Qv21’s Intersect 2022

Please know, this is an exclusive customer conference with limited space. Our seats are filling up quickly, so if this sounds like your type of event, you will want to register today

You can also head over to our event page to check out more details including information on where and how to book your room, event resources, & a complete agenda. 

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