Brother Mobile Printers: A Partnership in Print

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The need for over-the-road mobile printing has never been greater. In-cab printing helps save time and money and dramatically improves over-the-road operations. Learn how today’s driver wirelessly prints full-page and small format documents on the go from virtually any device. No wires. No cords. No inks or toners.

Solutions to meet your needs

Quickly and reliable print full-page documents with high-resolution, pictures, text, and graphics, or print small-format lables and recipts up to 4” wide from popular OBCs, PCs, handhelds, and mobile devices.


SpeedGauge: Partners on the Open Road


SpeedGauge is a driver safety and performance company, providing software solutions that help fleets manage and control vehicle speed - the number one factor affecting safety and fuel economy. Designed and engineered for simplicity, SpeedGauge products and services monitor select driver behaviors that have the most significant impact on safety and the overall cost of operations. The company's flagship service, the SpeedGauge Safety Center, is delivered in partnership with leading vehicle-tracking companies across the globe, with reports provided on hundreds of thousands of vehicles every day.

Offered as a value added software upgrade, the Safety Center improves existing GPS monitoring capabilities, increaases sales for SpeedGauge partners, and ensures accountability and transparency for drivers and fleet managers. In addition to the Safety Center, SpeedGauge's customizable analytics solutions and consulting practice provide unique insights into fleet performance and best practices guidance for operations and human resources.