The LogisticsFramework™ (TLF) Dispatcher Module


The TLF Dispatcher Module utilizes an electronic display “board.” Each board consists of any number of cells which are used to store and display information. Each cell may contain a driver, scenario (route), customer, location, etc. The organization of the board is fully customizable by individual dispatchers. The cells may be aligned to suit the specific preference of each dispatcher. Information can be viewed horizontally, vertically, by driver, by customer, by location to create the desired effect.

The board has intuitive mouse control operation features such as: drag and drop capabilities, hovering for additional data information, double clicking for expediting actions, and a menu style toolbar for ease of use drop down selections.

Typically customers set up multiple boards with various views of the fleet operations. For example: customer board, driver board, boards by division, etc. The underlying principle of the board design and operation is management by exception. This means that the efficiency and performance of the dispatch operation is enhanced by having the dispatcher focus on only those items which the board is calling his attention to. In other words, the board is design to alert, or change colors to draw the dispatcher’s attention and then perform a task. When the board (and thus the operation) is not flashing all is well and under control requiring little or no activity for the dispatcher to perform.

Using this management by exception principle clients see a dramatic improvement in a dispatchers efficiency; in several cases up to three times as many drivers can be managed by a single dispatcher.


  • Complete visibility into fleet operations

  • Enables dispatchers to send and receive information from drivers instantly

  • Infinitely variable number of cells for the display and organization of fleet operation information

  • Fully customizable

  • Intuitive and easy to use

  • Multiple boards for jobs, loads, customers, locations, etc.


  • Easy-to-read dispatch board quickly alerts and updates dispatchers to keep them informed about the fleet's progress.

  • Stress is reduced.

  • Dispatch turnover is reduced.

  • Dispatchers are enabled to handle more trucks with fewer mistakes.

  • Fleets that formerly required multiple dispatchers are now able to consolidate operations, using fewer dispatchers to control more trucks.

For technical support please call 855.853.7821 ext. 801

For technical support please call 855.853.7821 ext. 801