The LogisticsFramework™ (TLF) GeoTrack Module


GPS tracking quickly enables companies to view their entire fleet, an individual driver or division at a glance. The TLF GeoTrack portal displays direction, speed, location, truck number, load etc. No more wondering: you instantly see where a driver is, where they are headed, what they are driving, what they are transporting, how much they are carrying and where they have been. This enables you to drive down operating costs and increase earnings. Operators immediately experience a dramatic increase in productivity, substantial fuel savings and greatly reduced operating expenses.

The system enables organizations to quickly locate and identify their vehicles and assets with live, real-time tracking. Additionally, the real-time route information and the “bread crumb” trail of each vehicle's history. Combined with the TLF system reports, transporters and carriers increase accuracy and efficiency associated with time spent tracked at various locations, which impacts productivity and reduces overtime expenses. Review exactly how much time your vehicles are spending at various locations (supply sources, customer sites, or out of scope locations.) This information reduces billing errors and provides accurate measurement, recording and validation of time sensitive activities/visits of your fleet.


  • Real-time GPS load tracking

  • Time, distance, speed, direction, truck number, driver name, cargo

  • Mapping, directions and complete dispatch awareness

  • All driver activity is recorded for efficiency evaluation

  • Asset & vehicle history for inventory tracking

  • Recorded service times & geofencing capabilities

  • Lat/Long data for route management


  • Reduced cost of operations with more efficient use of equipment and drivers

  • Increased dispatch capacity to provide timely directions & reroutes

  • Know exact location of a problem

For technical support please call 855.853.7821 ext. 801

For technical support please call 855.853.7821 ext. 801