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Indeca Crude Xpress, Customer Spotlight

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One of our biggest values at Qv21 is our depth of partnership with our customers. Everyday success has miles of hard work, communication, and loyalty behind it. We’d like to share our appreciation for Indeca's President and Managing Partner, Steve Williamson, customer of 4 years, who represents just how deep our roots go with them and in the crude oil industry:  

“Our work with Qv21 is vital. Much like a marriage, there will always be challenges but if both sides are committed to giving 110%, the marriage will last to the end of time. Like an old shoe, it fits really well, and you know the kind of coverage you’ll get when you go through the weeds together" Steve shared.

Before Steve began this journey with our team, he was ping-ponging from solution to solution. From overpromises to ghosting, he had experienced it all. Finding a transportation management system and fleet logistics provider who understood the importance of keeping up to date was the only way things could work out moving forward. 

“Communication is key to anything and with Qv21 It’s simple. We pick up the phone, give them a call, and they’ll be there to talk to us. I often give the team ideas; they figure it out and get us to where we need to be. Knowing that a solution is right around the corner means a lot to us.”

One great thing about the trucking industry is that it really can be a small world. A true partnership can open up endless opportunities.  

“One of the most exciting things is when somebody says they also operate with Qv21. It just eases my mind. When someone I am about to do business with says:  'Hey Steve, we’ve got Qv21’ I say, ‘Well that’s it! We are done, we got it. We can make it.’  Because sharing something like that can really remove the barriers of doing business in this industry.”  

But even the best network can’t eliminate the hurdles we face on the day to day. It takes creative thinking and the dedication of both teams to make it past the barriers. 

“In the past, we commonly received complaints from our customers regarding our inability to provide them with real-time insights. When Qv21 stepped in to provide us with their TLN solution, that probably did more for the relationship between Qv21 and us and ourselves and customers then probably anything else.” 

So, what does it mean for a customer relationship to truly have depth? 

“There isn’t anything we wouldn’t do for each other. I never feel like I am out on an island waiting for Qv21 to come get me – I know they are out there with us, navigating us back to shore. 

Soon, we’ll be venturing off into some new services such as unload stations and crude oil trading. I know Qv21 will be right there with us, assisting in our new endeavors. I look forward to our growth together, going through it shoulder to shoulder.

When you work with Qv21, you are going to get everything that you expect and more. They are the best at what they do.  

Thank you again Steve and the Indeca team for a successful and fun four years! We look forward to many more to come and we are excited to continue guiding you toward Logistics Without Barriers.