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Avoid These Common Ticketing Mistakes

When it comes to doing business, encountering issues is inevitable. It’s the unfortunate punchline of every journey, including yours. If you’ve tried everything aside from waving a magic wand, what are you left to do?   

We believe that the first step to overcoming industry barriers is identifying them. What is holding your team back in the first place? Below, we explore some of the common barriers that almost every transportation company experiences at least once, if not repeatedly.   

No matter the frequency, these barriers are the make-or-break factor that will keep your company from reaching maximum efficiency.  

Paper Ticketing in a Tech Heavy World  

Consider paper tickets a thing of the past. By the time field tickets reach Back-Office personnel, the credibility and accuracy of the ticket process are already in jeopardy. Lost field tickets or poor penmanship, both resulting in incorrect data, are only a couple of necessary sacrifices when dispatching with older methods.  

“But I am saving my company some money at the marginal cost of tedious hiccups.”  

We understand where you are coming from, but did you know that all those hiccups can add up fast (and not in a good way)?   

Streamlining your process from start to finish is crucial to reach maximum efficiency, all while keeping money in your pockets.   

A reliable solution will allow for joint e-ticketing and a software-based dispatching approach. With everything under the same umbrella, companies can keep down their overhead cost and retain endurance levels of Back-Office personnel.   

Would you like to learn more about the streamlining process? Check out our case study.


Digitally Implemented, But Not Digitally Sound  

When shifting from paper to digital, teams often feel lost and under-supported. Unfortunately, a handful of logistics technology providers out there is only a band-aid to your issue and not a true end-to-end solution.   


What’s the first tell-tale sign that you are experiencing this? A poor implementation that leaves you directionless. The provider has made many false promises and now your team is suffering unexpected consequences.  

If you are scrambling to teach yourself a new business-process that causes more problems than solves them, it’s time to exit and find another route.   


Overcoming the Barrier  

This is when seeking out a guide becomes crucial to your business’ success. Understanding that not all solutions are the same, begin searching for a company that can genuinely streamline your operations and continues to steer you in the right direction throughout the partnership.  


Priority Items For Your Checklist:

  • A Company With In-depth Experience in the Digital Space: They can transition customers with little to no background in e-ticketing and dispatching. This means that they will break things down to avoid making you feel overwhelmed and while simultaneously increasing your knowledge surrounding the new process.  
  • Exact Examples of Implementation: They will provide articulate steps when discussing the training process. When implementation kicks-off, they encourage you to chime in and provide suggestions so they can better customize the software to meet your needs. Your voice is not only heard but valued.   
  • Condensing Workload Through Automation: They will seek out steps in your process that they can combine and automate while leaving nothing unaccounted for. This will allow for a maximized workday, especially in areas that were often ignored in the past. 
  • Work-From-Home Friendly: Since the transportation industry is always moving, this should be non-negotiable. This not only helps those on the road but even those close to the office. Say goodbye to graveyard shifts and work from the comfort of your sweatpants with snacks close by.   

At Qv21, we believe in helping our customers feel ready to challenge every obstacle that stands in their way. We steer you in the right direction with real-time, accurate data, and a local team that is 100% operational and reachable.   

We are Qv21 Technologies, Logistics Without Barriers. If you enjoyed this blog stay tuned. We will be publishing more blogs in the weeks to come discussing more barriers that you can expect to find in the world of transportation.   

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