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Top 3 Things Your TMS Should Have

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There are three things every trucking company, big or small, regardless of what you haul, you should consider when choosing your next Transportation Management System and Fleet Logistics Technology Provider. It’s the foundation of how your business will progress over the next few years, whether you will diversify your commodities, and at the end of the day whether you're happy - or not.   


Are you hauling multiple commodities and need a different provider for each one because their software doesn’t work for different industries?  

Many logistics technology providers fixate their business around one commodity, leaving you to make choices about whom to add to your business equation and best guesses surrounding your fleet performance.  

It’s in our roots to provide our customers with robust, flexible logistics software that remains scalable - no matter the materials you haul. We cover a variety of different commodities with our cloud-based system that offers an extensive standard solution right out of the box. This reduces the time spent implementing additional commodities, leaving your bottom line unaffected and ready for success. 


Startups can seem like an attractive avenue to explore because they may offer lower pricing upfront to gain market share, but their personal growing pains inevitably lead to imbalances in the service you receive. 

On the flip side, even well-established companies can get lazy with their commitment to their customers and fixate on their own growth rather than yours, jeopardizing your experience with their fleet management technology and your overall business goals. 

Ultimately, whichever avenue you’ve gone down, the simple truth is that it has already affected your day-to-day operations.  

Being in business for over a decade has provided us the experience to support our partners with the most stable platform in the industry. With our industry exceeding uptime of 99.995% over the last 36 months, we measure downtime in minutes and seconds, while the competition measures it in hours, days, and even weeks. 

We know the short-haul, bulk commodity industry – we live and breathe it. Now, we’d like to know your personal journey and how we can support your goals. 


Many companies say they provide customer service after the sale, but where are they when you really need them? Our Customer Experience team is world-class and ready to work through any issues based on following our guiding principles: 

  • Our highest priority is to satisfy our customers through the well−managed delivery of valuable software.
  • The onboarding experience is the foundation of our ongoing partnership with our customers, so it must be strong.
  • We value clear communication and transparency more than being “right.”
  • We place importance on customer collaboration over adherence to written plans.
  • We champion our customer’s success as our own.

Flexibility, Stability, and Service are the pillars that we declare on our customer’s behalf. It provides the basics of what you need to conquer your current barriers and the relationship we build along the way only adds to the fun. We are here for your business and your customers – as it should be.